Inverted Media is all about bringing inspiration, knowledge, and general epicness from the inverted world and inserting it into your cranium.  Snowboarding, skiing, parkour, mountain biking and all things extreme.  If it tests Newton's theory of gravity, you will see it here.



Founded in Boulder, CO; broadcasting from various spots across the universe.



All the time, every time, once upon a time, we do our best to keep you updated with the most current of inverted events.



In a world of terrorism, school shootings, depression, corruption, and general laziness there is an elite group of very special people who wake at 3 AM to chase the snow, who wander the streets looking for the next feature to play on, who break bones and risk life just to hang out in the air a second longer.  Why do they do it?  We don't really have an answer, but as you look around...maybe you'll start to get it.


Mixed in with this group are the photographers, videographers and artists who insist on bringing these stories and moments back down to earth so they are tangible for us mortals.  We believe purpose can be found in these moments and life inspired.


We believe in being inverted.

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We love meeting new people and getting involved!


    Age: 24

    Lived: NC, VA, NV, CA, NY

    Lives: Boulder, CO

    Rides: Boards, bikes, horses...bareback.

    Drives: Impreza w/ custom PVC roofrack.


    Gainer drops


    Canon Rebel T2i

    + EF 85mm 1:1.8 prime

    + EF-S 18-55mm

    + EF-S 55-250mm

    + Screw-on X0.42 fisheye

    + Canon Speedlite 430 EX II

    GoPro Hero 2

    Custom digital pinhole

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